Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/Bardiglio LVLR_LV23_12X12_MP


Carrara White/Bardiglio

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This luxurious collection of natural stone mosaics with antique mirror accents are the perfect combination of curvilinear ingenuity and geometric precision.
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrar W/Thass W/Pearl LVLR_LV33_12X12_IP
    Carrar W/Thass W/Pearl
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/ Brass LVLR_LV34_9X14_KP
    Carrara White/ Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Thassos White/ Brass LVLR_LV31_8X8_BP
    Thassos White/ Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Calacatta Gold/ Brass LVLR_LV32_12X12_SP
    Calacatta Gold/ Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Alluring Whit/Brass LVLR_LV28_14X15_IH
    Alluring Whit/Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Calacatta Gold LVLR_LV29_12X12_WH
    Calacatta Gold
    Daltile Lavaliere First Snow Eleg/ Brass LVLR_LV30_10X12_DP
    First Snow Eleg/ Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara Wh/ Thassos W LVLR_LV25_12X13_BP
    Carrara Wh/ Thassos W
    Daltile Lavaliere Alluring White/Brass LVLR_LV26_12X15_MH
    Alluring White/Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Alluring White/Brass LVLR_LV27_12X15_IH
    Alluring White/Brass
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrar/Thasso/Blk Ant Mi LVLR_LV21_14X14_PP
    Carrar/Thasso/Blk Ant Mi
    Daltile Lavaliere Nero Marquina/Ant Mir LVLR_LV22_12X12_CP
    Nero Marquina/Ant Mir
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/Bardiglio LVLR_LV23_12X12_MP
    Carrara White/Bardiglio
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara Wh/ Thassos Wh LVLR_LV24_11X18_RH
    Carrara Wh/ Thassos Wh
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/ Ant Mirr LVLR_LV16_13X10_RP
    Carrara White/ Ant Mirr
    Daltile Lavaliere Chenille W/Blk Ant Mir LVLR_LV17_13X10_RH
    Chenille W/Blk Ant Mir
    Daltile Lavaliere Antique Mirror LVLR_LV18_3X6_SP
    Antique Mirror
    Daltile Lavaliere Black Antique Mirror LVLR_LV19_3X6_SP
    Black Antique Mirror
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara W /Blck Ant Mir LVLR_LV20_13X10_RP
    Carrara W /Blck Ant Mir
    Daltile Lavaliere Nero Marq/Ant Mirror LVLR_LV12_12X14_IP
    Nero Marq/Ant Mirror
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/Ant Mirror LVLR_LV13_9X11_HP
    Carrara White/Ant Mirror
    Daltile Lavaliere Chenille White/Ant Mirror LVLR_LV14_9X11_HH
    Chenille White/Ant Mirror
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara White/Ant Mirr LVLR_LV15_12X12_CP
    Carrara White/Ant Mirr
    Daltile Lavaliere First Snow Eleg/Ant Mir LVLR_LV10_9X15_AP
    First Snow Eleg/Ant Mir
    Daltile Lavaliere Carrara W/Blk Ant Mir LVLR_LV11_12X14_IP
    Carrara W/Blk Ant Mir

    Product Attributes

    ColorCarrara White/Bardiglio
    ApplicationResidential and commercial